Monday, January 16, 2012

Summoning staircase in twelve words or less

The staircase to our second floor summons me to leave the public places in our home and escape to the more private pockets of our lives. Each day I climb the stairs numerous times, much more often on laundry days than any other day of the week. Until this weekend I really hadn't give much thought to this physical passage from first to second floor.  I'll start at a logical spot to share more of these thoughts....

Gradually we are making changes to the house, but not wanting to invest a large amount of money until I have graduated from college (again) and am gainfully employed.  (It is a possibility that we will relocate but that is another story completely.) For now we will continue to make cosmetic changes to change it from "his" to "ours".

Saturday morning, while Scott was still mostly asleep, I was wide awake but trying to be still so Otter wouldn't want to go outside.  From my side of the bed, I see the top of the staircase. I began to think about what we could do to transform this space.  I will confess that as he slept, I began a dialogue about the process with him. I am certain his responsive grunts were affirmations of everything I had proposed.

The chore list looks quite simple. Four steps...

  1. wallpaper stripped
  2. walls painted
  3. carpet removed
  4. stairs/hall floor painted
The manual chores (1 & 3) are no-brainers.  I have no decisions to make, just effort to apply.

Fortunately I have an artistic daughter and an agreeable husband so choosing the paint colors really isn't going to be that hard either.  In fact, Scott and Katie seemed to agree immediately on a general color decision.

Logically one would think that there really isn't anything left to do or decide.  Just get busy.  But I need to add one more element... something to make it a space I am proud of. (Our bathroom has galvanized metal roofing for the shower stall -- unconventional, efficient, practical and economical.)

While I was a young adult, I visited a friend, Karen Marie Louise Farrell Treon, at her parents' house.  Her mother had artwork of children in the stairwell to the second floor. I am trying to remember the additional element... they either had pets with them or books...   sorry I cannot get that detail from the depths of my memory, but you get the gist.

When I lived in the one-room schoolhouse I always wanted to decorate the stairwell to the second floor with  art of sheep, pastoral oil painting reproductions like this.

Scott didn't really seem to leap at the sheep so...  my mind continued to wander.  After a few internet searches for "staircases" I remembered those words people have on their walls.  There are all kinds of quotes and sayings available. They are pre-printed and allegedly easy to apply and remove.  So I browsed a few of those websites but nothing really captured my attention.  Why not just choose random words... words that encourage or inspire?  

Now this has me wondering... how encouraged or inspired does a person really want to be when they are climbing the stairs to go to sleep at night? Perhaps calming and soothing words would be best?  Who is this message really for? 

So here is a challenge...  what 12 words would you want on your summoning staircase?


  1. Why 12 words ??? I can only think of 2 words " Bottoms Up " !!!!!

  2. The words in my house are simple. Live. Laugh. Love. I can make you anything you want in whatever color you want. Just let me know when you decide....