Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wander in Michaux State Forest

We packed lunches, including cooked carrots for Otter, and headed out the door before noon last Sunday to hike the Sunset Rocks trail in Michaux State Forest.  

The boys were eager to get moving. They take off like rabbits on date night.  I prefer to meander and take in the sights and sounds, or lack thereof. We witnessed very little activity on the trail but the wind was whipping and the trees made mournful sounds.

The description of the trail in the guide book said it would get steeper and rockier as we climbed.  They were right on the money.  It was a short hike but a good cardiovascular workout.

Otter and I posed at the summit but we didn't hang out up there for very long. It was very cold. We did run the ridge a little while, in both directions from Sunset Rocks.

Back down along Tom's Run, we took a little walk on the AT. 

 Otter was fascinated by Halfway Spring. That water had to be so cold. We really didn't think he would get in.

Our walk on the AT brought us to Camp Michaux.  Neither Scott nor I had any idea it was formerly a POW interrogation camp.  We did some research on the site and will be visiting again with a self-guiding tour book we were able to download. 

Another good day in the woods.  For some people, I suppose going out for a hike now and then satisfies the occasional urge. For us, an afternoon in the woods feeds and fuels the perpetual desire to go out and do it all again....   the sooner, the better.  The guidebooks and maps are on the bar as I type... Scott is already planning the outing for this weekend.  Life is good!


  1. That looks like an absolutely beautiful place to visit. How far is it from York?

  2. One hour... Pine Grove Furnace State Park is in this state forest. Well worth the drive. The AT runs right through it.