Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do you belong?

"Are you a groupie?" was going to be the title of this blog but then I decided that perhaps I should find out how a "groupie" is defined.  Well...  let's just say the blog title changed because apparently a "groupie" is a woman who just wants to have sex with a musician with little regard for his music.

What I really want to talk about is "groups".

With a presidential election on the horizon and the Penn State scandal in the gutter, I started noticing that there are definite groups forming very publicly, with very deliberate and intentional choice.

Driving to class I see bumper stickers on cars that identify people belonging to certain school groups, or green movements or human rights organizations.

I began to wonder... what groups am I a part of? Well I it all depends on what/who I am and how I "label" myself.  I am a college student. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a dog owner. I am a cat owner. I am a veteran. I own a Ford. I like to hike. I don't watch television. I like "Life is Good" optimistic t-shirts. I do not like to wear dresses. I prefer the beach in the winter. For the most part, I chose membership in all those groups.

But - what about the groups I am a member of by default? I am  5' 2" - that kinda puts me in a "short people" group. I have gray hairs. I am almost 50 years old. I am the oldest sibling of three children. I am female. I have hypertension. I have astigmatism. I am the parent of a college student.

Are there groups you are a member of that you regret? I regret that I am a member of the only child club until I hear about these poor parents with multiple children running in so many directions. I regret that I am a member of that group of women identified by Oprah a few years ago who probably wear the wrong sized bra. I regret that I am a member of that group of people who probably do not have enough money saved for retirement based on where they are in life.

I suppose most of our group memberships are transient. I guess we even go into and out of groups in the blink of an eye and give it no notice.

Is it necessary to belong to groups? Is that why people pick their favorite NASCAR driver?  Or become college football fans even though they never stepped foot on the specific campus? I think Facebook has created groups where they were never imagined before...  people who like Skinny Cow ice cream...  :O)

Are there groups you would like to belong to? Are there groups you would like to no longer be a member of? Are there groups you avoid at all cost? Is there a group you would like to belong to secretly? (I think they might become societies if they are secretive.) Are there groups you want your children to avoid? Groups you want your parents to avoid?

Do you put other people into groups?

How do your groups define you?

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