Saturday, August 31, 2013

Almost ready to paint the floor

We unrolled the rug in the room to be sure it would fit. Clara and Otter seemed to like it. In fact, we found them in there whenever the door was left open. We found this rug on It was made in the U.S.A., and shipped from a company called Colonial Mills, Inc., Of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 

After we were certain the rug would fit, we rolled it up and removed it and finished painting the walls and trim. 

The lack of carpet didn't seem to deter the dynamic duo. As long as we are in this room, that is where they want to be. 

The foot of the bed, before and after the first coat of paint. I had to paint in the basement and it is humid down there so it will be at least another day until I can put a second coat of paint on it. It was kind of sad to be painting over that bright, sunny yellow. That is the color Kate chose whens he had this bed in her room in elementary school. (She had the walls painted dark blue and there were suns and moons painted throughout the room.)

The head of the bed. I think it might take up to three coats of paint to get the coverage I am looking for on the bed. I am a little concerned about how rusty the casters are. They might have to be replaced.

Most of the tape has been removed. Unfortunately the angle of the sun makes taking pictures difficult at this time of day. I am still seeking peace about the blueness of the walls, but the fact is ... it is finished and I am ready to get this room put back together so we can get the rest of the house back to normal. 

This wall was just finished this morning so the trim tape will need to stay up until tomorrow. 

We will replace the electrical components today and the lights will go up. I am excited about seeing the lights installed with the painting finished. 

Maybe we will have a finished product in the next three or four weeks. I still need to clean up the box springs for the bed. They are very rusty. I also want to get some wooden slats for the bed frame for added support. The weather looks better for painting beginning next week with much lower humidity and temperatures. After the floor is finished we will decide if we need to seal it. 

The final piece of the project will be the curtains for the closet door and the window. With all the colors in there now, I am leaning toward white curtains and perhaps I can embroider some small blue flowers on brown vines/branches to tie it all together with the other colors in the room.

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