Sunday, August 11, 2013

Guest Bedroom Project

Yesterday, a bit unexpectedly, we began the guest bedroom remodeling project. It was in the back of my mind for a few months, but that's essentially all the farther it went until Scott stepped up as the project foreman. Because of the rapid commencement of the remodel, I don't have any of the before pictures with the room in its original condition with furnishings.

The first picture (above) is of a dresser we got at the local used furniture store (Dixie's in Emigsville). Scott's dad made the blanket chest.

I will attempt to document the transformation on my blog.

These are the doors that were removed from the closet. They were covered in wallpaper many years ago. There was also a wallpaper border with this same print throughout the room. I took that down several months ago.

Some accessories are already certainties for the room. My grandmother's button box and my other grandmother's perfume atomizer, as well as a functional frog we bought on our honeymoon. A wedding gift quilt from Scott's grandmother will be on the bed. Speaking of the bed.....

This was my grandmother's bed. I remember sleeping on it at the cabin along Penn's Creek. I can still hear the katydids chirping when I think about it....  For many years it was Katie's bed. We will paint it white this week.

The mauve carpet was removed and will be at the curb tonight for trash pick up tomorrow.

This is where we left it yesterday. 

To be continued...  

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