Saturday, August 24, 2013

Remodel update...

The tedious prep work is nearly finished. Scott did an amazing job stripping the window frame woodwork. I almost hate to cover it with paint but the rest of the trim in the room isn't nearly as beautiful and it would look bizarre with everything painted but that window.

Today we will finish washing down the ceiling, walls and floor.

We could certainly be painting before the day is over.

The rug arrived yesterday so we can start considering colors for the floor paint.

I'll soon have pictures to post.

In the meantime, I am searching for vintage dresser scarves and maybe even some pretty embroidered pillows. We haven't found a suitable "nightstand" for beside the bed yet. I am still leaning toward an industrial stool or an old small ladder. We hope to get to Refindings again soon. We are also looking for interior shutters for the window, although I am not going to hold off on finishing the room if I don't find them. I can make curtains instead.

Stay tuned!

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