Sunday, September 8, 2013

So close to being complete.....

While this isn't the greatest picture, I like how it shows the embroidery on the curtains. We will have the same curtains on the closet doors. For now, we are waiting for a call from Boscov's because they only had one of the 84 inch panels. 

The sheer curtains were a bit too sheer for the closet door. I had hoped that two sets of sheers back-to-back would do the job, but alas... you could still see through them. So I headed out to find inexpensive twin size flat sheets. I tried Boscov's because I had to return the other set of sheers. Then I tried Target and Kohl's and none of them had simple, inexpensive white flat twin sheets. As much as I dreaded it, I had to go to Walmart and it was a terrible, terrible experience, but that is another blog completely.

Once I got the sheets home, it involved a total of six runs through the sewing machine and I have the perfect linings for the closet sheers. We used old clothesline props and hardware we already had in the basement for curtain rods. I wanted to mount the curtains inside the closet because I really like this wood work. 

No longer see through... just have to wait on that other panel from Boscov's to finish this door.

Time to put the bed together! Scott did an great job cleaning up the box springs.

 We covered them with a piece of scrap carpet and then put the dust ruffle over that before putting the mattress on the bed. 

Putting the linens on was a challenge with the bed against the wall like this so if we used this room regularly, the bed would have to be positioned differently for sure.

Quilts from people we love! I would like to get some white sheets and pillowcases for the bed but what we have works for now. It is a 3/4 size bed so I'll have to order the sheets online. I would also like some decorative pillows, perhaps I can do a little embroidery to tie in with the curtains.

Clara and Otter definitely enjoyed the room without the furniture. There was just so much room for activities! 

We have a few more details to complete but the room is definitely available for visitors now! You can step into the room and forget what year you are in. That was Scott's goal and we have accomplished it! I'll post more pictures of the absolute final project as soon as we tie up the loose ends. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Down to the details now!

The first part of today's guest room re-do is about a delightful surprise in my mailbox! Yesterday I received this beautiful dresser scarf from my Aunt Shirl. She found it in a vintage shop! Thank you! Having special pieces like this in a guest room helps fill the room with love!

This past week I also had a minor setback. The spots on the iron bed that were sanded down to the metal rusted. So... there will be more sanding today, then some priming and hopefully a successful end to the antique bed painting process. (The bed springs also need the rust tended to. That could be a time consuming project today.)

Last night for our date Scott and I went to the fabric store (after delicious wings at Arooga's) to look for curtain fabric for the closet and the window in the room. This provided yet another surprise! We really couldn't find a fabric that we felt was perfect. The fabric we did agree on -- didn't have enough on the bolt to complete the curtains. The cost of the fabric we liked the most made the project out of our reach. To add insult to injury, I was so excited about the closet space that I forgot to measure the window... arrgghhhh....

With Boscov's on the route home, we stopped in to see what they had for curtains. In the past I have been pleasantly surprised by their selection. Alas!  We found the perfect curtains! We came home to measure the window and ... we have a winner! I will be heading back in there this morning to make the purchase.

Scott removed the tape from the heating and woodwork and we rolled out the carpet to cut the carpet pad.

After the pad and rug were in place, there was time for one last round of wrestling.

Time to hang some clothes on the line, eat some homemade whole wheat banana nut pancakes and get busy!