Saturday, June 23, 2012

To do or not to do the to do list...

Saturday morning.... 0751 and I am stalling. I've got plenty to do. I've got so much to do that I really think I should be making a list of what needs done.  

If I make a list, I won't find myself realizing at bedtime that again, for the bajillionth time, I didn't scoop the litter box. (Before you go "EEEEEWWWWW"....  it is out in the shed so it isn't like we can smell it or anything.)

If I make a list, I can cross off what I have completed and have a sense of accomplishment.  However I had a friend  who told me that when he finished a task on his chore list, he circled it instead of crossing it off.  I kinda like that idea.

If I make a list, do I add the tasks to it that I complete but weren't on the original list so that I can really see what I did? You know the drill...  cleaning out the freezer leads to baking a casserole because you can use that last little bit of chicken but you need to go pick up some chicken broth so you might as well get all your groceries which puts you at forty cents off a gallon of gas and today is the last day to use it so you get gas at the grocery store and while you are out, stop at the drugstore to get that prescription refilled and the local hardware store to get a spare key for the shed .... 

If I make a list maybe someone will see a chore on there they really like to do and they will say, "Hey - let me take care of this chore for you."  Oh wait... I guess when I started dreaming that I would EVER have forty cents off a gallon of gas, the fantasy never stopped...  (In all fairness - Scott really does help with the chores around the house and I rarely need to even ask for his help.)

If I make a list, I can stall even a little longer to make sure the list is complete, perhaps even re-writing it a time or two so that I can do it all in order with the most efficiency, organized by time of day and minimum sun exposure for outdoor duties.

If I make a list, should I include things like "shower, eat, walk the dogs"? Those are every day tasks but sometimes I forget to do them when I get so focused on a list.

If I don't make a list... well - no one will ever know what I had hoped to get done and with my ADHD, that includes me. I'll simply never remember what I wanted to do today.

What's on your list today?