Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wandering Aimlessly

Since July 19, I have been on a semester break from college. My next semester begins August 22. I had big plans for my "time off". I had foot surgery and was determined to be back on my feet, stripping wallpaper, sewing curtains for the new camper, painting, and walking a few miles every day with the dogs. I would spend quality time with my husband, keep the gardens weeded and all flowers dead-headed.

Yet for some reason, I accomplished very little. I can blame it on the foot surgery which is still not healed to allow for miles of walking or long periods of standing. And to be honest, it is a huge part of my dysfunction.

But - I know myself well enough to understand that I am drowning in a lack of routine and consistency. It consumes me and sets my entire world in a quagmire of wasted time. When my world lacks structure, I wander aimlessly through each day saying, "I have time to get to that later"... because I do. I have way too much time.

When I take into consideration that during this time period my daughter has been home for college for two weeks after her two summer sessions in New Jersey and my husband has been on "standby" for jury duty for  two weeks, the little bit of normalcy continues to be chipped away.

I've got ten days remaining in this break. I need to develop and implement a schedule and/or routine.

Do you have a routine or schedule? Do you clean certain rooms or do certain chores on specific days? Do you combine your errands and do these on a certain day? To break it down even more, do you have a specific sequence of events during the day? When do you allow yourself to break away from the routine? Do you thrive on routine or do you prefer to be spontaneous?