Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wandering daughter....

I knew the time would come, hoping for later rather than sooner, when Kate would ask to drive back to college. Her latest persuasive speech really is legitimate.  If she drives back to Kean this Sunday, she can drive home for Easter. That means I don't have to drive down on Saturday before Easter and return her the Monday after Easter, following at least four hours of driving on Easter Sunday.  Essentially she will save me seven hours of driving on a holiday weekend.

Scott and I talked about it and he reminded me that Kate has risen to every challenge she has been given.  She has had a very successful first semester at Kean University.  She has never given us reason not to trust her.  But, as moms know, it isn't her I don't trust.  It is those other idiots on the highways and byways...

So, the preparations began.

1) We decided she must leave before noon on Sunday.
2) We reminded her that Cabela's is not only almost exactly in the middle of her journey, but it is also a very convenient place to stop with food and fuel and plenty of people.
3) We reminded her the last exit in PA is NOT a good place to stop, with the gas station down a gravel road in an industrial area and both two-legged and four-legged mongrels lingering around the dumpster.
4) We handed over about $20.00 in quarters for tolls.
5) We scheduled the truck for an oil change on Friday.
6) We signed her up for a AAA membership.
7) We had her drive to her grandparent's house yesterday which is about half the time/distance to Kean and includes some considerably congested traffic patterns.
8) Scott called to see if her "college student" insurance coverage would cover her having her car on campus for two weeks.

I will check her GPS before she leaves.

I'm not sure there is much else we can do.  Oh wait... call my doctor for some sedatives to get me through the day on Sunday.  :O)  She's got this.  I've raised her to be a strong, independent, capable young lady.  She has to get out there to continue to grow. But, she knows if she changes her mind, we'll load up the new Ford Escape and give it a test run on I78 and the Garden State Parkway.