Saturday, August 31, 2013

Almost ready to paint the floor

We unrolled the rug in the room to be sure it would fit. Clara and Otter seemed to like it. In fact, we found them in there whenever the door was left open. We found this rug on It was made in the U.S.A., and shipped from a company called Colonial Mills, Inc., Of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 

After we were certain the rug would fit, we rolled it up and removed it and finished painting the walls and trim. 

The lack of carpet didn't seem to deter the dynamic duo. As long as we are in this room, that is where they want to be. 

The foot of the bed, before and after the first coat of paint. I had to paint in the basement and it is humid down there so it will be at least another day until I can put a second coat of paint on it. It was kind of sad to be painting over that bright, sunny yellow. That is the color Kate chose whens he had this bed in her room in elementary school. (She had the walls painted dark blue and there were suns and moons painted throughout the room.)

The head of the bed. I think it might take up to three coats of paint to get the coverage I am looking for on the bed. I am a little concerned about how rusty the casters are. They might have to be replaced.

Most of the tape has been removed. Unfortunately the angle of the sun makes taking pictures difficult at this time of day. I am still seeking peace about the blueness of the walls, but the fact is ... it is finished and I am ready to get this room put back together so we can get the rest of the house back to normal. 

This wall was just finished this morning so the trim tape will need to stay up until tomorrow. 

We will replace the electrical components today and the lights will go up. I am excited about seeing the lights installed with the painting finished. 

Maybe we will have a finished product in the next three or four weeks. I still need to clean up the box springs for the bed. They are very rusty. I also want to get some wooden slats for the bed frame for added support. The weather looks better for painting beginning next week with much lower humidity and temperatures. After the floor is finished we will decide if we need to seal it. 

The final piece of the project will be the curtains for the closet door and the window. With all the colors in there now, I am leaning toward white curtains and perhaps I can embroider some small blue flowers on brown vines/branches to tie it all together with the other colors in the room.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Holding my breath...

Scott started painting the walls today. They are blue... very light blue... I am not getting good vibes from it...

My thoughts are that there will be too much blue in there....

Scott said if we turn the quilt over to the printed side, it won't be too much blue.

If we turn the quilt over to the printed side, I think the rug will look ridiculous.

Not really feeling the excitement for the end result all of a sudden....

I should have stood my ground on either the wall color or the rug...  giving up both of them is changing the look I wanted to achieve completely.

Using a different quilt (a plain white one) on the bed as the primary bedspread might be an option, with the blue quilt as an accessory.

There is hope.

I am upset that I am being selfish about this project. I need to let it go. It is just a bedroom.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Remodel update...

The tedious prep work is nearly finished. Scott did an amazing job stripping the window frame woodwork. I almost hate to cover it with paint but the rest of the trim in the room isn't nearly as beautiful and it would look bizarre with everything painted but that window.

Today we will finish washing down the ceiling, walls and floor.

We could certainly be painting before the day is over.

The rug arrived yesterday so we can start considering colors for the floor paint.

I'll soon have pictures to post.

In the meantime, I am searching for vintage dresser scarves and maybe even some pretty embroidered pillows. We haven't found a suitable "nightstand" for beside the bed yet. I am still leaning toward an industrial stool or an old small ladder. We hope to get to Refindings again soon. We are also looking for interior shutters for the window, although I am not going to hold off on finishing the room if I don't find them. I can make curtains instead.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The rainy weather changed my chore plans for today. I decided it would be a great day to do some baking and decided on a carrot whole wheat coffee cake. 

The recipe comes from  Whole Wheat Carrot Coffee Cake

As you can see, I had a little too much "sprinkling" of the topping mixture on the side of the cake but we'll just consider it extra icing. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Looking for the rug....

Most of yesterday's remodeling project time was spent shopping. UGH...  We are on the hunt for an area rug. We looked at Ollie's in West York and at Lowe's. There are two possibilities at Lowe's.

In the meantime, we bought two wall lights and the new receptacles, light switch and covers (white).

These lights are marketed as outdoor lights but I knew when I saw them in the store, I had to have them in my house somewhere. There will be one above the desk and one above the bed. 

We decided on a paint color for the walls. It is a very light blue, called "Crystalline".

We also have a solution for the closet doors. By putting the curtain rod inside the closet, we will save ourselves at least $50.00.

Until we find a rug, our other purchases/decisions (floor paint color and curtain colors) are on hold.

The bed is sanded and as soon as weather permits, I will paint it. Scott finished removing the staples from the floor, countersunk the screws in the floor and started filling the holes and cracks with putty.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Guest Bedroom Project

Yesterday, a bit unexpectedly, we began the guest bedroom remodeling project. It was in the back of my mind for a few months, but that's essentially all the farther it went until Scott stepped up as the project foreman. Because of the rapid commencement of the remodel, I don't have any of the before pictures with the room in its original condition with furnishings.

The first picture (above) is of a dresser we got at the local used furniture store (Dixie's in Emigsville). Scott's dad made the blanket chest.

I will attempt to document the transformation on my blog.

These are the doors that were removed from the closet. They were covered in wallpaper many years ago. There was also a wallpaper border with this same print throughout the room. I took that down several months ago.

Some accessories are already certainties for the room. My grandmother's button box and my other grandmother's perfume atomizer, as well as a functional frog we bought on our honeymoon. A wedding gift quilt from Scott's grandmother will be on the bed. Speaking of the bed.....

This was my grandmother's bed. I remember sleeping on it at the cabin along Penn's Creek. I can still hear the katydids chirping when I think about it....  For many years it was Katie's bed. We will paint it white this week.

The mauve carpet was removed and will be at the curb tonight for trash pick up tomorrow.

This is where we left it yesterday. 

To be continued...